VETRO FiberMap™

VETRO FiberMap™ is an innovative new FTTx network mapping platform designed specifically to meet the needs of small and mid-sized ISPs and community fiber networks. Now you can access and manage all of your critical data in one place. Secure, scalable, affordable, and easy to use. Our mapping platform delivers the network data and insights you need with just a few clicks.

Vetro has three main features:

Asset Inventory Mapping and Display - view network assets, lit buildings, data centers, potential/existing customers, rights-of-way, conduits, and other features through a simple mapping interface.

Demand Generation and Tracking - increase your take rates by estimating and tracking the demand for current and proposed fiber network services. Pro-actively promote your expansion plans with potential customers.

Project Design and Planning - develop potential scenarios for expansion. Estimate the type and quantity of equipment that is needed, identify poles and/or conduits needed to place the fiber, show where splice points will occur, and indicate what points of presence (POPs) will be used.

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Tata Communications is a world-wide provider of high quality communication services including internet, data centers, VOIP, CDNs, and high speed transmission. The goal of this project is to show the location and quantity of these services throughout the globe. The result is a web map viewer that can be accessed through a desktop browser or as an application on a tablet or smartphone. Users can filter to see only certain services and zoom into locations to get better detail about these services including the location of where the services are provided (e.g. what city).

The Tata Communications Map was developed using open source standards and tools, including Leaflet, TileMill, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and PostGres/PostGIS. All data is served using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, including Web Mapping Services (WMS), Web Feature Services (WFS) and Web Coverage Services (WCS). The application supports geocoding of addresses and detailed basemap coverages using Bing Maps API.

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Environment & Energy


To help its residential, commercial, and industrial customers meet energy efficiency goals, DTE hired ICF International and NBT Solutions to develop an online tool to help these customers search for contractors that provide specific energy efficiency services.

The application allows users to enter a location and specify the types of services they are interested in. The application then returns a list of contractors that meet the users’ criteria, a map showing the locations of the contractors, and detailed information about the contractor including any reviews of that contractor.

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The National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) hired ICF and NBT Solutions to develop a web mapping solution that allows Weatherization Plus and Healthy Home providers to easily locate each other and work collaboratively on the whole-house approach to energy efficiency and safety improvements. Through an easy to use online map, users have access to a full library of providers including name, location, and contact information. The web mapping solution was built using a combination of open source geospatial tools and ESRI map services.

Weatherization Plus describes the evolution of the Weatherization Assistance Program from its traditional focus on heating and cooling energy conservation to an expanded focus on whole-house energy usage and whole-community efforts. The whole-house approach incorporates advanced technologies and addresses the comprehensive energy usage in low income homes, as well as related health and safety improvements. The whole-community approach enables weatherization providers to serve as a resource for community-based efforts to conserve energy, boost economic activity, and improve the environment.

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Community, Health, and Education


Explore aid, population and environment, conflict, economic development, and infrastructure data with the help of AidData. Choose a boundary, query and request data, then get to work under an open source license!

Filter and join spatial data on aid with other datasets for use with your favorite program - no training required.

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NBT Solutions works with MaineHealth, Maine’s largest health care provider system, to develop data analyses, presentations and maps. We design and deliver thematic maps depicting the status of Maine’s population health in an annual MaineHealth Index report.

The Index project tracks progress on 7 key priorities that are linked to community health status:

  • Tobacco Use
  • Obesity
  • Childhood Immunizations
  • Preventable Hopsitalizations
  • Cancer Deaths
  • Cardiovascular Deaths
  • Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction
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Download the 2013 Maine Health Index Report
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WeatherBlur is an online learning platform for middle schoolers to learn more about weather and its impact on terrestrial and marine environments. By using an online community of fishermen, teachers, and scientists the students are able to interact with experts and pose questions and create discussions that further their understanding about weather phenomenon.

WeatherBlur is a project implemented by the Island Institute in Rockland, ME and is funded through a STEM grant awarded by the National Science Foundation. Future work includes adding a badging system to award students for achieving certain learning and collaboration goals.

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